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A Christian Community Centre

Thought and task for the week

Never play any part in making a person jealous.
Simple Christianity;  In all you do, have the mindset of Jesus.
Love one another.
Think before speaking.
Bring back common sense.

Lets make Christianity simple

Current Situation as at 20th July 2024

As most people now know, we have had to close temporarily as our flat roof was found to be constructed with RAAC (reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete) panels which are considered unsafe.  We have had surveys done by structural engineers and have the results and are now discussing the way forward. We will keep you up to date with progress.

By the's RAACs which is the problem
and NOT RATs  !

Many of our community groups (there are over 20) have found temporary accommodation and some of our church family are worshipping at another church in the circuit, Emmanuel.

Please pray for the church and community centre as its temporary closure has overwhelmed many community folk. Whatever happens, God's Will will prevail.

Thank you for your prayers and continued support.


As the building is temporarily closed, please do not leave donations of clothing and food in the porch. Would you take them to the local charity shop or to Emmanuel Church.
The food bank at Emmanuel is always grateful for food and
for empty egg boxes too.

Thank you

"What is RAAC ?" ....the question has been asked many times.
Perhaps this photo of the RAAC ceiling panels surrounding the rooflights in one of the corridors in church will explain.  They are structural panels made from reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete which are used as the flat roof section in church.


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