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The Height Methodist Community Church (known to many as The HMCC) is one of the very active churches on "The Height" (Irlams o'th' Height) in our wonderful and famous city of Salford. The Community Church is home to many Church and Community groups. We worship on a Sunday morning from 10.45am with a local preacher or our worship team or our minister, Rev Clare Stainsby leading us. Services are varied in format and we invite all to come along and join with us.  Try one service and find out more about us.

Baptisms, weddings and funerals can be arranged with our minister.
Our Mission
Our mission here at The HMCC is to increase the awareness of God's presence in our community and to celebrate God's love by working with others of the Christian faith, (irrespective of denomination), of other faiths and also those of little or no faith. We appreciate that cultures and life styles change and we adapt to those changes.

Our mission is also to be a good neighbour to people in need, especially in these surreal times.
Our mission is also to accept all people as they are and to challenge injustice regardless of ability, age, creed. gender, race or sexuality.  We must also be accepting of peoples' differences, disagreements, thoughts, foibles, infuriation, longevity, and inflexibilities without seeking retribution or judgement.

Our task is to make more followers of Jesus Christ by our example of reaching out in love. It is to demonstrate Christianity and not just talk of it. We accept that we are very defective and that we, as human beings make mistakes and err in our ways, thoughts, comments and actions. There are very few masters of the English language and sometimes what people say is not what they mean and it's taken the wrong way and upset and division comes into life. As Christians, we should love each other irrespective of the wrongs and pass all problems onto God through prayer.  Swop shoes with your offender to try and understand their side of living.  They may have many problems needing to be resolved. Nobody said it would be easy becoming a Christian, but we are some who try their hardest to imitate Jesus in thought, word and deed.  Come and join us. You'd be most welcome.
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