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The Height Methodist Community Church (known to most as The HMCC) is one of the very active Community Churches on "The Height", (Irlams o'th' Height) in the city of Salford. The Church is home to more than 20 Church and Community Groups who hire the facilities on a daily, weekly or monthly basis through our Lettings Manager. We can also host private functions though as a Methodist Church, we cannot allow alcohol on the premises. We worship each Sunday, and have a "Cafe Church" once a month for those who aren't into traditional worship.  Its a relaxed contemporary get-together, sat at tables having coffee or tea followed by lunch usually about 1.00pm.  All free !   

We have a Pastoral and MissionTeam and an Entertainments and Social Team who arrange the numerous events held at the Church

Baptisms, weddings and funerals can be arranged with our minister, the Rev. Clare Stainsby.

The social activity at the Church is extensive and open to all the community. 

The building consists of a multi purpose worship area, a large hall with or without stage, our cafe area in the foyer and numerous rooms used for a variety of functions. A few years ago we invested in new kitchen facilities and a dry serving area installed to cope with the catering demand.  There is also a large garden at the rear for outdoor activities, nowadays dependent on our glorious weather!

The Church welcomes all, irrespective of your age, where you are from, your native language, whether you are a sinner or an angel, what sexuality you are, whether you have drink or drug problems, what you can or can't do, what clothes you wear or even whether you support Manchester City or Manchester United (or any other team); you are very welcome to come to the HMCC. The only condition we ask for is that you want to know about Jesus, and want a better life connecting with him. If you don't fancy traditional worship, come along to one of our modern meets where you can relax  and praise the Lord in a more modern way with band music, visuals on screen, eats and coffee (or tea if you prefer it! )

Crossing the threshold of a church for many people takes courage. Cross our threshold once and you'll do it with ease afterward. If you need help to come into the building, telephone our Pastoral Leader, Jennie on 0161 950 7215 

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