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Our mission here at the HMCC is:

  1. ....to increase the awareness of God's presence in our community and to celebrate God's love by working with others of the Christian Faith, (irrespective of denomination), of other faiths, and also those with little or no faith,

....to appreciate that, although our building was built in the 1970's and is being revamped constantly, we realise that this is now 2018 and cultures and life styles are very different. The Church accepts these changes and adapts to the cultural and social differences of every generation,

....to be a good neighbour to people in need especially in these austere times, to accept everybody as they are and to challenge injustice regardless of race, sexuality, gender, age, creed or ability,

....to be accepting of peoples' differences, disagreement, thoughts, foibles, infuriation, longevity, inflexibilities without falling out,

....and to make more followers of Jesus Christ by our example of reaching out in love into the communities around us, and supporting mission work in the wider world.

We accept that we are very defective and that we, as human beings, make mistakes and err in our ways, thoughts, comments and actions.. There are very few masters of the English language and sometimes what people say is not what they mean and it's taken the wrong way and upset comes into peoples' lives. Remember though, that as Christians we should love each other irrespective of the wrongs folk do and pass all problems and difficulties on to God.

 Nobody said it would be easy to be a Christian but, at least, we are some who try their hardest to immitate Jesus in thought, word and deed. Become one of us and open up a new life for yourself. Here at the HMCC we belong to each other and to "The Boss!" (as many Americans call him).

Irrespective of your thoughts, your way of life, or your religion; 
God bless you.

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